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Choral sound 1

Kari Turunen

After the series of blogs on rehearsals, I thought I’d embark on a new series – this time on choral sound. I’ll try to be as practical as my theoretically inclined mind allows. The series is based on a lecture I have been lucky enough to present (and survive) several times in different seminars and festivals. I know it works as a presentation and demonstration, but I am optimistic enough to try to see if it survives the blog form. I will begin with a few principles.

First of all, I need to make it clear that there is no one ideal sound and no one sound ideal. Choirs come from different cultures, they sing different music, their singers speak different languages and they act in different contexts. All these combined with the ideals of the conductor (probably the most important ingredient here) lead to a rich palette of choral…

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